WOW! Kale Chips!

Since being on The 21-Day Sugar Detox, we’ve been forced to find some different snack options (this is a GOOD thing!).  Normally we would have an apple, some grapes, or some sweet potato fries, etc. for an afternoon snack.  On the detox, we’ve done alot of baby carrots, pistachios, and coconut flakes for snacks.

In an effort to find a little more variety for our snacking, I decided to brave kale chips again.

My first experience with kale chips was not a good one.  The recipe I used called for WAY too much oil and salt, and the chips were inedible.  We tried to eat some of them, but they were too disgusting to finish.

I nixed that recipe, and just did my own thing, based on what I’ve heard from others who love kale chips.

These were DELICIOUS!  The are super-crispy, and they really reminded me of the Lays potato chips that I used to enjoy, but with the yummy flavor of kale.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Kale Chips

Spread 1 bunch of curly kale on a baking sheet.  Drizzle with a LITTLE extra-virgin olive oil (I do not like to coat the leaves… just give them a little moisture).  Sprinkle a LITTLE salt, pepper, and garlic powder and bake at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes.  The edges of the leaves should be brown and crispy.  If they need a little more cooking, turn of the over, crack the oven door, and leave them to continue cooking while the oven cools.

WOW- a MUCH better experience!!  I cannot wait to eat my kale chips this afternoon!


  1. Ydia says

    These are amazing, I just found ur site today and will be following you.
    Do u prepare those chips in large amounts, say for the week? how do u store them?

    • Jennie says

      Hi, and welcome! Unfortunately, these are not great when eaten leftover. I usually make enough to eat right away so I won’t have to store them.


  2. sandy says

    After hearing about kale chips, I have made them several times and enjoy them tremendously.
    I take a bunch of kale, remove the big (tough) stems and spread them on a cookie sheet. My olive oil sprayer device allows me to add my own flavored olive oil, which I spray on the leaves, turning them so that each side has a little.
    After sprinkling some Himalayan sea salt on the leaves, I roast them for 20 minutes or so at 350 degrees. After cooling, they are stored in a large, airtight zip-lock bag. They keep for several days if stored in this manner.

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