10 Tips For Weight Loss & Health

photoToday I sat down and wrote a list of the things I want to begin this week to help with weight loss, health, and energy levels. We’ve probably all heard most of these before, but for me, writing them down and visualizing them actually helps me stick to them. Since I’m so goal oriented, tackling a few small things verses taking on something drastic (like committing to spend hours at the gym every day or train for a marathon) makes me feel more successful and creates healthy habits I can stick to. So, heres the list of things I want to change/stick to, starting tomorrow!



1. Drink warm water and lemon every morning. 

Warm water and lemon helps flush out toxins, helps balance pH levels, aids in digestion and promotes bile production, helps your immune system and brain function because of the vitamin C content in lemons, and cleanses the liver.


2. Drink tea instead of coffee. 

I have absolutely nothing against coffee, and have been an avid coffee drinker my whole life. However, coffee has been linked to jolts in the stress hormone Cortisol, and heaven knows I don’t need any of that. I also really, really like to add a splash of heavy cream to my coffee, and have made the decision to cut out all dairy (see number 9). So I’m going to test out what life is like without it, and see how I feel.


3. No late night snacking. 

This one is pretty self explanatory. The digestive system is fired up and ready to go in the early afternoon. That’s when its best to consume your largest meal of the day. I don’t believe in turning down food if your body needs nourishment and is actually hungry, but for me personally, dinner is enough to satiate me until bedtime, and late night snacks are unnecessary.


4. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day. 

It doesn’t have to be limited to that, but thats my minimum, and its attainable.


5. Sleep earlier, rise earlier. 

Sleep gets a bad rap, and sleeping in is frowned upon in society today. I think sleep is so extremely important and when I get a few extra hours, I’m proud of it. However, those few extra hours are much more beneficial when gotten earlier in the night verses late into the morning.


6. Eat more salads. 

An easy way to pack in extra veggies. I try to eat giant salads packed with veggies and protein for lunch every day.


7. Drink more water and herbal tea.

We all know the importance of hydration by now, especially when being active!


8. Drink fresh vegetable (particularly beet) juice when possible. 

Have you heard? Beet juice is a ginormous source of antioxidants. It also helps lower blood pressure, fights cancer, helps improve stamina and energy, strengthens the immune system, and detoxifies the liver.


9. Cut out dairy. 

This has already been done by a lot of us, since dairy isn’t Paleo after all. But I am guilty of putting a splash of heavy cream in my coffee, or eating some raw cheese or goat cheese somewhat regularly. It never makes me feel good, but I love it anyway! However, I don’t believe dairy to be a nutrient dense food, and it is known to be hard to digest and aggravates the gut, so my goal is to get rid of it in my diet once and for all.


10. Eat breakfast every day. 

This is the hardest one for me! I am either not hungry, or don’t have the time to make breakfast. My morning cup of coffee usually takes away my appetite anyway, so by cutting out the coffee and not eating late at night will (hopefully) make me eager to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.


This is just a guide that I’m sticking too, but make sure you make all the right choices for you. Have a wonderful week!



  1. Nina says

    This guide sounds exactly what I need to start. I have done most of those things, but the cream in the coffee is hard to give up. Just got back from a trip and didn’t have the best eating habits, so this email came just when I needed it!

  2. Julie Dickens says

    OK Girl…. You motivated me! Check in and let me know how you are doing! I’m going to try tea tomorrow morning!!!!!

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