a Dress for your Salad…


We eat alot of salads.  Salads are FABULOUS because they can be thrown together quickly, and they can include a ton of FABULOUS ingredients.  For a list of some of our favorite salad combos, check out my "A Paleo Lunch" post. I usually dress my salad with a little extra-virgin olive oil and some balsamic vinegar (poured from my special YELLOW drizzlers that my Mom gave me f … [Read more...]

Food Diary: Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Bake


  Tonight we had a delicious dinner!  I talked with my sister, Katie, last night, and she told me about a recipe that she LOVED.  She said it was the best food she'd had in over a month... and maybe ever.  Of course, I had to try it right away. The recipe comes from Sarah Fragoso, and it is delicious.  Check it out here.  We had a simple spinach salad on the side.  Yu … [Read more...]

Food Diary: Chicken Salad!


I have been craving chicken salad for weeks.  But, for some reason, I have been nervous to make my own Paleo Mayo... and chicken salad without mayo is not chicken salad.  Well, last night I finally made mayo.  It was SO easy!  I pasteurized my own eggs, and used this video as a guide, and I was so pleased with the results! With my mayo fresh and cold in the fridge, today was … [Read more...]

A Paleo Lunch

lunch bag

Lunch is the easiest meal of the day!  99% of the time, Dustin and I eat leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day.  All you have to do is remember to make enough for dinner AND tomorrow's lunch.  If necessary, just throw in a few extra chicken breasts, or an extra pound of beef, and there you go... lunch! Unless you don't mind eating your food cold, this plan works best f … [Read more...]