Food Diary: Sliders

I’ve been wanting to try “sliders” since we started eating Paleo, but I just haven’t done it, for one reason of another.  I saw this recipe in Paleo Comfort Foods last week, and decided that it was time!

Let me tell you something right off the bat… It is impossible to miss hamburger buns when you have “accessories” like these.  We surrounded our yummy grass-fed slider burgers with grilled peppers and portobello mushrooms, fresh guacamole, mustard, and iceberg lettuce.  Next time I’d love to add some homemade mayo to the stack!

These were delicious!  Served with a side of Roasted Broccoli and Bacon, they made a PERFECT, easy meal.

A hamburger bun would have ruined this amazing meal!  Didn’t miss it at all.

Our table… We’re ready to build some slider bugers!

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