Hi, I’m Katie.


I live in San Diego and am currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have been looking for the perfect place to share my nutrition findings, and I am so lucky and grateful to Jennie for letting me take over here! Here’s a little about me. . I always considered myself a healthy person. . I have tried hundreds of diets, everything from being ve … [Read more...]

A Farewell… and a FRESH START!


Where have been?  Well... see the little red-haired dude in the picture?  That's where I've been.  If you have kids, you understand what I mean.  Having a baby has been FAR more life-altering than I ever expected!  And it continues to surpass my expectations (in a good way, but also in an exhausting way!). You've probably seen me say on Facebook  a few times "I'm back!"  Yeah … [Read more...]