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Paleo Ketchup + a tip!

Paleo Ketchup + a tip!

I haven’t really had ketchup since July of last year (when I started eating Paleo-style).  I have been pretty appalled by the ridiculous list of ingredients (not to mention sugar content!) of the brands I used to consume, so I dumped the container(s) that were in my fridge, and never bought more.

But I have definitely missed ketchup!  I love to slather it on a big, grass-fed beef burger… there is nothing quite like it!

I was pretty thrilled to see that Paleo Comfort Foods, my all-time favorite Paleo cookbook, has a fantastic recipe for homemade ketchup.  It is easy to make, and it has a deliciously sweet after-taste, with no hint of chemicals (as you will probably find in typical store-bought ketchups).

The only problem?  We consumed most of the batch right after making it. 

A Ketchup Tip

Next time I make ketchup, I’ll be doubling (or tripling!) the recipe.

Then I’ll portion the batches into ice cube trays and freeze for later use.  These sizes will be perfect to defrost and slather all over something delicious.

Love it!

2 Responses to “Paleo Ketchup + a tip!”

  1. Chavon says:

    Where is the ketchup recipe?

    • Jennie says:

      Chavon, it’s in the cookbook I mentioned in the post (Paleo Comfort Foods). Because of copyright laws, I’m not at liberty to re-post the recipe on my site. But check out that cookbook… it’s amazing!


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