On The Menu {week of Mar. 26}


Note: I'm out of town!  This post is being automatically posted. When I first started eating Paleo-Style, I really benefitted from seeing a few weekly meal plans.  I knew that I could make “meat and vegetables,” but I needed some examples of how to make those things take shape on our plates. Every weekend I sit down and plan my meals for the week.  I usually go to the Farm … [Read more...]

Food Diary: “See what you can do with BRISKET!”


Last time I placed an order for grass-fed beef (for the BEST grass-fed beef you've ever tasted, order from Little Creek Ranch!), I found a brisket in my box!  I had not ordered brisket, so I took a look at the invoice.  I saw a note from Ronnie (he owns Little Creek, and I think he's fantastic!)... it said "See what you can do with brisket!" I really appreciated the free hunk o … [Read more...]

Weekend Getaway | Menu

Dustin and Jennie

This weekend is one that my husband and I (yep, that's us in the picture... isn't he a looker?!) have been looking forward to for MONTHS!  We're taking a weekend to relax in the mountains... unplugged from everything.  No computers, no cell phones, etc.  It is so important that we do something like this on a regular basis.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the stresses of daily … [Read more...]

Food Diary: Paleo PIZZA!


Are you wondering why my PIZZA post displays a flash of lightning?  Well, here's why... Last night I uploaded all of my pizza pictures just before we had a good ol' North Carolina thunderstorm.  It didn't sound too bad outside... just rain and a little thunder... so we did not rush around to unplug things.  Unfortunately, my Macbook Pro was plugged into a regular wall outlet, an … [Read more...]

Want Results? Get Some Sleep!


. The Challenge . During the month of February, I set several health goals.  I completed a Whole30, a 21-Day Sugar Detox, some fitness challenges, and one more... a sleep challenge.  The sleep challenge was not the most exciting for me.  I've seen amazing results from food challenges before, so those were the ones I was most excited to complete. As you may have read in p … [Read more...]